Precisely in an oncology process is when you most have to love yourself and take care of your image, it is scientifically shown that if you feel good with your image and take care of yourself, it will affect the improvement of your immune system. The others will have a good acceptance of your image and your self-esteem goes up. I personally collaborate at the Puerta de Hierro Hospital with the Stanpa Foundation,, whose slogan is "Ponte beautiful and you will feel better", helping women with cancer where we teach skin care and makeup. There is always a before and after in the workshop, they leave with a radiant, luminous and much happier face in that little while. Well, being an oncology patient does not mean you have to leave makeup or make up. If your doctor allows it, do not hesitate to get a tattoo of eyebrows or eyelashes. Sooner or later and even during the chemotherapy process you can see yourself groomed and with your eyebrows; That will make it not so hard for you if your eyebrows fall out with chemotherapy sessions. For men it is especially difficult when they lose their eyebrows, because they do not usually make up and have a really bad time.


Reconstruction of areols.

What service do I offer you? Reconstruction of an areola after a mastectomy, and / or areolas too light, that are given color to make them look more natural. In a first consultation, a color test and a tissue evaluation are done. What will you feel immediately? An improvement in the shape and color of your areola Remove any complex and increase your self-esteem