My Technique

The individual attention and personalized treatment for each of my clients is my personal brand. Each case is unique. Each facial or body area, whether male or female, needs to be studied in detail. It's like making yourself a tailor made suit. This preliminary analysis is key step to define the treatment to be performed and ensure success and satisfaction. My mission is to help you find your best image, the one with which you are more YOU. Your image will remain perfect all day, feeling very natural, with which your self-esteem will be strengthened.

In continuous improvement and innovation of new techniques, equipment and pigments, I have developed my own method of dermopigmentation, which offers very long lasting and durable results over time. With my method of dermopigmentation I get hyperrealistic eyebrows with 3D effect.

For this I use several colors and different thicknesses of needles. Drawing the eyebrow hair by hair following a totally adapted design to each person morphology. You won’t need to worry about durability of your eyebrows or how they will look after some months, the color will not get faded. Just a simply retouch will be needed after 2 or 3 years to have again your eyebrows as brand new ones. And if you are concern about the pain, I ensure you that all the treatment is totally painless.


Do you know how to choose the best pigmentation method for your eyebrows?

You can find several techniques in the market. Although when leaving the clinic all three methods seem to offer similar results, you will only need to wait for 2 or 3 months to realize that the cheapest can become the very most expensive.

Microblading (not suitable for every person) is a very popular technique because of apparently it is the most economic one. However after a few months the eyebrows will lose quality and the color will spread. In many cases, corrections will require several laser sessions.

Micropigmentation is a technique that, when properly performed, achieves good results. On the basis of this technique I have developed my own method of DERMOPIGMENTATION that increases realism and long lasting by avoiding any colour fading.




  • more superficial

  • Manual technique, not suitable for oily skin.

  • Drawing hair by hair disappears after 2-3 months

  • Color: it turns a lot, is not very stable, ages poorly and gets a lot of dirt

  • Maintenance: needs touch up after 5-6 months (the shadow lasts up to 1 year)

  • It works with a single tone so the hair drawing is marked very little and there is only one shade left. (in clean skin)

  • Ideal: for people who have hair and want to fill gaps

  • deeper

  • Technique with Apparatology

  • Drawing hair by hair disappears approx. at 6 -9 months it always ends up melting

  • Color: the color has turned a year, frequent touch-ups

  • Maintenance: 12 - 18 months

  • It works with 1 or 2 tones, when the work heals a month or 3 months the hair is not appreciated well.

  • Ideal: for people who have some hair or want to modify their own shape a little, men, scars, etc.

  • Deeper and more worked

  • Technique with Apparatology

  • Drawing hair by hair never disappears, it just melts in some places a little

  • Color: it does not turn almost in light colors, it only clears up, it may turn slightly and need more care in dark colors.

  • Maintenance: 24 -36 months · Maximum realism is achieved when working with 3-4 different tones

  • Ideal: for all types of people it is very personalized, adapts to any type of skin or eyebrow style, alopecia, men, eyebrows with scars, etc.