A man seeks the opposite of a woman, you do not have to notice at all the work done, and that from the first day. And the design of a male eyebrow has nothing to do with a female eyebrow. Many times I see eyebrows in men who have been depilated as if it were a woman and many men that image scares them. The fear of a man is that it is painted and that it hurts. And as in any treatment, a previous medical file and a preparation for the session are made. The treatment is almost painless, my clients always end up saying that it is not so much and that they had imagined something different. The needs to make a micropigmentation / cosmetic tattoo on a man can be diverse. Aesthetic or medical purposes, for example before or after chemotherapy, fixing scars, giving more expression to the eyes through the line of the eyelashes without appearing painted, etc. The final result will always be of a careful and more rejuvenated image.



Our needs for capillary repopulation are increasing, because the stress we have these days, poor diet, drugs or various diseases make our hair become increasingly poor or fall. The capillary repopulation offers you a solution. In men we can simulate the effect of a shaved head, depending on where we have less hair or baldness. It is an easy solution for a problem that we can carry dragging for years. This treatment is temporary and needs maintenance, as the color fades and approximately every year you have to do a color check. I will give you the care that you have to have in writing for your work, I lasted as much as possible in the best conditions. In the case of women, the work is very different, there is a kind of mesh to cover the area and the scalp looks darker, that will give you a feeling of volume, that your hair is more dense. A personalized consultation is more necessary than ever, because each person is a world.