As a Professional Make-up artist I am horrified by the micropigmentation of very marked contours. Well, I'm always going to look for harmony in the face, whether for cosmetic or corrective reasons. I always advise to make a very fine profile and a color sweep inwards to get a lip with volume, collected and sensual. Always in natural tones that resemble the color of your mucosa to be able to put on a lip gloss and ready. You have the option that if you want to go more make-up you can put darker shades on top of it, this way you will never lose the shape and your makeup will always look perfect. Do you have perugual wrinkles, or as colloquially is said, bar code? The pigment will make you a barrier and the carmin will not migrate. I will provide my written protocol for the preparation and subsequent treatment care that are so necessary. Each client will have a personalized adaptation of it. We all want the best result and here more than ever I need your responsibility and preparation before the treatment. If you do your homework correctly, we will have less bleeding, swelling and discomfort when working. And what a pleasure to always wear a beautiful mouth!


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Micropigmentation (also called lipstick) allows you to modify the shape and contour of your lips. They no longer wear their lips with thick profiles. It is much more flattering to make a fine contour and fill in, sweeping (blurring) the color inwards. What we achieve with this treatment? We managed to solve problems of scars on the lips, cleft lip, lips that are too thin or asymmetrical, lips with almost no color on the mucosa. Correction of old micros, etc. Almost all my patients express to me how delighted they are, they have never had a lip and now they look more beautiful, putting on a simple shine. You can see here some photos of a micropigmentation of lips where you can appreciate the technique of micropigment the contour of lips, plus the blur of color. In this case, it is about lips with little pigmentation and an undefined contour and it is about achieving micropigmentation thanks to the effect of volume and definition of the contour. Luckily, those profiles of lips that are so thick and dark are no longer made, but they are still seen in many cases when the pigment remains on the lip. And if the lady had bad luck and they did a deep tattoo instead of a micropigmentation that pigment will remain installed for the rest of his life with the corresponding color turn to dark brown or violet tones. For an optimal result it is advisable to put a color of two tones more than the own color of the lip and thus achieve a natural effect. Look at the result of the lips before and after the treatment: