Get the most natural, realistic and enduring results with my Exclusive Micropigmentation Technique.

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isabel arias — dermopigmentation expert

I'm Isabel Arias — Specialist in Micropigmentation and Paramedic Techniques.

I have been passionately dedicated to this profession for more than 20 years. I completed my training in Germany, at the prestigious Goldeneye School in Karlruhe. After my extensive experience as a professional make-up artist, portrait artist and tattoo artist and after working with different techniques, equipment and materials, I developed my own exclusive Clinical-Aesthetic Tattoo method.

With my method I offer the highest quality with a very natural result and most importantly, great stability over time. The images and photographs that you can find in this portal are totally real. In many of them you can see not only the right result after dermopigmentation, but after the course of months and even years.

The satisfaction of the client is essential for me and I always seek to offer maximum quality and confidence in the results. The centers and clinics with which I collaborate are aesthetic medical centers where maximum professionalism, safety and hygiene is guaranteed.

A well-made cosmetic tattoo allows you to wear your best self all day long.
My mission is to help you find your true image, the one with which you are more YOU. The goal is to get out of bed and you look more beautiful, fresh and bright and that good image remains throughout the day, it does not matter if you’re in the gym, in the pool, office or after a very long Workday. Your image will remain perfect and will strengthen your self-esteem.
— Isabel Arias


The individual and personalized treatment is my hallmark.

Each case is unique. Each facial or body area, whether male or female, needs to be studied in detail. It's like making yourself a tailor made tailored suit. This preliminary analysis is basic to define the treatment to be performed and ensure success and satisfaction in the result.

My mission is to help you find YOUR image, the one with which you are more like YOU. Your image will remain perfect all day, feeling very natural, with what your self-esteem will be reinforced. In continuous improvement and innovation of new techniques, equipment and pigments,

I have developed my own method of dermopigmentation, which offers very durable and stable results over time.



My experience has led me to create my own method, optimizing the duration and stability over time.

It is a method halfway between the tattoo and micropigmentation making a three-dimensional eyebrow with different shades of hair and interspersing needles of different thicknesses.

Each person and each part of their body are unique and for that reason the treatment is carried out bespoke and after a deep study.



Your face harmony is our basic baseline, either for cosmetic or corrective reasons.

My recommendation is always to make a fine profile and a color sweep inwards to get a lip with volume.

Always in natural tones that resemble the color of your mucosa to be able to put on a lip gloss whenever you want.

Show off your lips!!



Do you want to enhance your look? Do it now without pain and with all the guarantee of an excellent final result.

As a Professional Make-up artist I will always suggest the best style to achieve your dream look.

Do you want a cat eyes look? Do you want empower them with more strength? Do not you make up and just want to get a more density eyelash effect?








If you have any questions or need more information to know how dermopigmentation can help you, do not hesitate to contact me by email or phone. I will be happy to assist you and it will be a pleasure for me to analyze your case in the first person at any of our partner centers.


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