Corrections (or how to fix up low quality micropigmentations)

Here we have to give a solution to a real problem. After many years of fixing work that has not been well, I have the solution for that TREATMENT that you have been so sorry for doing. And we also have work that has aged badly or has turned a purple or pinkish color, etc. The issue of corrections is very broad. The most important thing is to know that everything can be arranged. Each case has to be studied and treated individually and will require several correction sessions giving time to the skin between session and session to be regenerated so that the next time we touch it not blood. There will be cases that can not be fixed only with micropigmentation and will have to go through a medical peel or laser sessions beforehand, the important thing is to recover your image. I find many cases where the client has sold an eyebrow hair by hair and after about 2 months there is only one compact eyebrow, we must be very careful not to fall for these deceptions, because the cheap can be very expensive, look well what are you buying. I have also encountered cases where the pigment expands, even in my own treatments. There is nothing left but to make a small correction where I assume the cost. With me you have a guarantee. Do not play it, it's your face! After 4 or 5 sessions it is possible to correct a bad job, bad work in design, color and stroke. Even so you will not get a job as clean as if the skin were without traces of pigments, but my experience has shown me that after the year when the skin is recovered again 1 or 2 sessions are made and there will be a very nice job.


Scars Camouflage

You can only do works on scars that are seated and completely healed. The best results are obtained in scars that are in areas where there are hairs, such as eyebrows, beard or head. A cleft lip can be corrected with a micropigmentation, although the correction will always be better in a woman because we will give her a lip-makeup look. In the case of men, scars are very well camouflaged above the lip or in areas of the beard.

How do I treat scars? The scars need several sessions to be camouflaged, since it is not a healthy tissue and does not catch the pigment tone equally. In the first session a color test is done and once this tissue is healed, you can appreciate the tone that will be implanted.

What problem will I solve? Complexes of scars on the lips, cleft lip or on the chest after having a breast enlargement, which often left a white circle around the areola.